One of the newest cities in modern Poland with a broad range of entertainment, cultural  and culinary attractions created less than a hundred years ago by people with vision ,plans and determination.

You can feel freedom in the air here as you walk the streets. Located on the sea ,the spacious ,symmetrical, light layout of the city gives it freshness and vitality .Gdynia was one of the early fruits after Poland getting its independence back following  WW1 after a 123 years of division and occupation. Gdynia is also one of the most popular tourist spots in Poland and maybe that’s because it is Poland’s sunniest city and there is a beach right in the city center. If you are into history and culture,  there is also lots for you too .The seaport offers a lot and the Emmigration Museum  which is located there is not to be missed.

Gdynia  is also flanked by beautiful  hills to the west covered in dense forests. Stefan Żeromski , described Gdynia as ‘ a poem crafted from wood, stone, concrete and iron , an overwhelming drama taken from the forces of nature’. These days it is a modern city with a dynamic economy open to the sea.



Highlights of Gdynia

The Orłowo Cliff


In the suburbs of Gydnia in Orłowo , there is a ‘Living Cliff’  on a moraine headland on the shores of Gdansk Bay . A  small fishing port  and a place of outstanding beauty well-worth visiting .



Dar Pomorza


At the quays in the city centre is moored the legendary ,white frigate’ Dar Pomorza’. A symbol of adventure and dreams for Polish people. Today it doesn’t sail the seas as it once did but, it serves as an interesting museum open to the public. Here you can feel the history of life on the high seas for generations and thousands of sailors.

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The Gdynia Modernism Route


The style of architecture known as Modernism was popular during the inter-war period so not surprisingly Gdynia has many classic examples in the form of buildings creating a special feel .Taking influence from other architectural concepts  and making functionality and practicality as paramount .