The old town in Elbląg is a popular meeting place and host to many cultural happenings. There is also a lot of history to see. St. Nicolas Cathedral is the pearl in the crown where you can see some awesome religious relics and artifacts and the highest church tower in the province  open to the public to see the surrounding landscape. Next to the cathedral you can walk along the medieval  church path  which is the only one of its kind in Poland ,it is  like a walk back in time!

At the end of Stary Rynek street you will find the Old Market Gate, a city landmark and  the last remaining section of the city’s original defensive walls from the 13th century. Next to the gate ,you can see a beautiful statue of the heroic, baker boy who saved the city from an attack by the Teutonic Knights in the 16th century .The city’s favourite son.

Another charming attraction is Bażantarnia Forest ,an area covering 400 ha with wooded hills, steep valleys and  deep ravines, a great spot for sport and recreation

Elbląg is an ideal base for water sports as well, kayaking on the Elbląg River or maybe  a cruise on the world famous  Elbląg-Ostroda Canal that takes you up a 100 metre incline .and difference in water levels through a system of sluices .A world- class ,hydro- technical wonder ,built between 1848 and 1872 by George Steenke  to connect Prussian forests with the Baltic Sea.Today a favourite with tourists from all over the world. Boats sailing uphill on tracks ,you must see it yourself to believe it!!

Elbląg , founded in 1246, is the second biggest city in the province with a population of 127 thousand people . Elbląg was the seat of the Teutonic Order after they moved from Vienna and before moving to Malbork . Elbląg also was an important player of the powerful  German Hanseatic  trading  League .

The Old Town which was mainly destroyed in WW2 has risen out of the rubble again ,similar to what it had been before the war, using an architectural style called retroversion which includes both traditional and modern architecture.

If  you are looking for some culture ,Elbląg is not lacking. There are usually numerous concerts and exhibitions on offer.The European Meeting  Centre ‘Światowid ‘  in addition to many pubs,clubs ,cafęs and restaurants is where a lot of the action takes place. You can also  try some local or international  food too. Elbląg a truly cosmopolitan city  really worth visiting.



Ratusz Staromiejski (Guildhall)
ul. Stary Rynek 25
82-300 Elbląg
tel. +48 55 239 33 77